August 5, 2023 Agenda

Times posted in Eastern Time Zone

Session 1
9:00 AM – Introduction and overview of the day
9:08 AM – What to know about using electronic health record data
9:16 AM – Ins and outs of specific EHR databases
9:24 AM – What to know about using insurance claims data
9:32 AM – Ins and outs of specific claims databases
9:40 AM – Specialty databases
9:48 AM – Panel discussion

Session 2: Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration
10:03 AM – Key Findings from the Voyager study
10:11 AM – Injection frequency and VA outcomes in exudative AMD
10:19 AM – Real-world management of nAMD in the US – Vestrum analysis
10:27 AM – The TRUCKEE study real world efficacy and safety of faricimab in neovascular AMD
10:35 AM – Characteristics and outcomes of nAMD patients managed in US routine clinical practice: analysis of the IRIS
registry database
10:43 AM – Panel discussion
10:58 AM – Keynote Lecture – NEI application of real-world studies

Session 3: Non-Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration
11:06 AM – Assessment of geographic atrophy in an intermediate AMD population
11:14 AM – The Under-reporting of geographic atrophy
11:22 AM – Conversion rates of non-neovascular AMD to neovascular AMD
11:30 AM – Retrospective real-world analysis of patients with geographic atrophy secondary to AMD followed for 3-years
11:38 AM – Characterizing real-world functional outcomes in patients with geographic atrophy: An IRIS registry
11:46 AM – Panel discussion
12:01 PM – Meeting adjourns

October 28, 2023 Agenda

Session 1
9:00 AM – Applied methods
9:08 AM – I have a question, now how do I answer it? Intro to study design
9:16 AM – The importance of identifying an index date
9:24 AM – Use of RWD to augment clinical trials
9:32 AM – Considerations for using real-world visual acuity in clinical outcomes research
9:40 AM – Adoption of ocular imaging standards
9:48 AM – Use of Unstructured Data in RWD Studies (Primer on NLP)
9:56 AM – Considerations for using real world images to create AI/ML algorithms
10:04 AM – Panel discussion

Session 2: Retinovascular Disease
10:19 AM – Race, ethnicity, sex, and age disparities in initiation of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor therapy
(VEGF) for retinal vein occlusions in the AAO IRIS® registry
10:27 AM – Treatment patterns & 5-year visual acuity outcomes in patients with RVO: Analysis of a real-world database from the US
10:35 AM – Long-term real-world treatment patterns among patients with DME initiating anti-vEGF: 6-year follow-up
using the IRIS registry
10:43 AM – The effect of loading doses on real world DME treatment outcomes
10:51 AM – Real-world outcomes of sustained steroids for DME
10:59 AM – Impact of initial monthly doses of aflibercept on visual outcomes in eyes with DME in routine clinical practice in the US
11:07 AM – Association of metformin and other antidiabetic medication use with risk of AMD
11:15 AM – Panel discussion

Session 3: Additional Retinal Real-World Disease Studies
11:30 AM – Real world outcomes of endophthalmitis and visual outcomes in the IRIS registry
11:38 AM – Impact of initial monthly doses of aflibercept on visual outcomes in eyes with DME in routine clinical practice in the US
11:46 AM – Retinal detachment displacement: Real-world outcomes and risks
11:54 AM – Impact of delayed RRD repairs: Analysis of the IRIS registry
12:02 PM – Magnitude of visual change with ETDRS testing versus snellen acuity: Implications for real-world data studies
12:17 PM – Diuturnal study: Farcimab in the real-world
12:32 PM – Panel Discussion
12:47 PM – Meeting adjourns